BPA Club

Important Dates:

  • Regionals- Baker College of Clinton Township
    • Friday, January 9th
    • We will take a school bus – departing 6:45am and we will not return to school until approximately 5:00pm (could be earlier; could be later) – please be prepared that you need to be in attendance the WHOLE time
  • States – Amway Grand Plaza Hotel & DeVos Conference Center, Grand Rapids
    • March 19-22, 2015
    • Blue Lakes Charter Bus departs Thursday from Troy High at 4:30pm
    • Return to Troy High on Sunday at approximately 1:30pm
    • Students are responsible to pay $82 conference fee (checks made payable to Troy School District)
  • Nationals – Anaheim, California (Disneyland!!)
    • May 6-10, 2015
    • More details TBD

10/21/14 Meeting Notes:

10/15/14  Meeting Notes:

  • Advisor contact info
    • elena.wollborg@gmail.com or ewollborg2@troy.k12.mi.us
    • wollborg.wordpress.com
    • @ElenaWollborg
    • Remind.com – MANDATORY!
      • New account for this year – even returning BPA members need to register for this one
      • Text to 248-987-5760
      • Send this message: @2ef4d
  • Executive Board for the 2014-2015 School Year:
    • President: Juliana Tu
    • Co-Vice President: Muhammad Qureshi & Kyle Allevato
    • PR & Other: Bobby Hahn
    • Please note: Kunal Garg is the President of BPA for the whole state of Michigan
  • Student Necessities:
    • In order for students to participate in BPA, you need to have a business class in your schedule for at least a semester at some point in the 2014-2015 school year
    • There is a fee to participate in BPA
      • In order to join the club, it is a $25 fee – you will not be considered a member unless you pay this fee
        • This will help offset costs for your BPA membership and your regional fee
        • Make checks payable to “Troy School District”
        • Cash/checks are due to me by Tuesday, October 21st – you will NOT be able to register for an event until you are paid
      • If you make it to states and nationals, there will be additional fees associated
        • States: You will need to pay for your conference registration and all meals (the school will pay a large portion of your transportation and hotel stay)
        • Nationals: You will need to pay for your airfare and all meals (the school will pay a large portion of your hotel stay and conference registration)
      • We will also do some fundraising events to help offset these costs, as well as apply with the Boosters and TFEE
  • Events for This Year:
    • You will compete in either 2 individual events OR 1 individual and 1 team event
    • I can only place 1 team per event
      • Example: 2 different teams may not compete in Financial Analyst Team event
    • Teams are 2-4 person teams
    • I can only place 4 people per individual event
    • You will also take “open” events at regionals (MANDATORY!)
    • To see the list of events for the 2014-2015 BPA season, please click here
      • Scroll down to see the list by category
      • Any event with “open event” after it is not a registered event – it’s an open – something you take in addition to your registered events
      • You may not register for any event that says “postsecondary” or “middle level” after it – that is a college or middle school level event
    • For a more detailed list – with minimal event descriptions – click here
    • Pre-submit events are as follows (they are due to me NO LATER THAN Monday, December 1st)
      • Administrative Support Research Project – Individual
      • Advanced Interview Skills
      • Economic Research Project – Individual
      • Economic Research Project – Team
      • Entrepreneurship
      • Fundamental Desktop Publishing
      • Global Marketing Team
      • Graphic Design Promotion
      • Interview Skills
  • Event Scheduling Meeting:
    • We will have our scheduling meeting on Tuesday, October 21st at 2:06pm
    • There is a cap on the number of students I will be taking to regionals – that cap will be discussed at our first meeting
    • Returning BPA members will get first scheduling rights



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